Quick Interior Decor Tips to 'Cozy-Up' Your Space

January is still January. We’re in the midst of winter and it’s dark, cold and gloomy. A little vintage pink-inspired Feng Shui to calm your mind and cozy up your space is as comforting as receiving a hot cup of cocoa that was lovingly made for you. Draw some inspiration from these tips below and GET TO IT. Light a candle and play your favorite movie in the background to set the mood, and get to work!

Cozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

A baby pink linen throw rug with tassels is some serious shabby-chic greatness. Putting up a few decorative mirrors of different shapes and sizes will make the room feel bigger than it is. Working with different shades of 1 color can bring a lot of depth to the bedroom (see the pillows pictured above). Place a few yellow-tinted bulbs in your lamps or have a few candles that are ready to light to warm up the room.

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Add tons of fluffy pillows to cure the winter blues and make your bed look inviting enough to want to be in bed by 9pm on a Friday night. Instead of matching your colors exactly, loosely follow a color palette so you don’t end up suffering from a severe case of the “matchy-matchies”. Drape twinkle lights in a corner of the room, and showcase a trinket that has sentimental value to you on your nightstand or any other flat surface. Pictured here is a record player, but a vintage film camera, a pile of a few favorite books and a favorite candle, or a childhood stuffed animal would do the trick too. It’s a perfect personal touch to bring comfort and it makes the space truly yours.

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Take a throw blanket and loosely drape it off one corner of your bed, rather than pulling it tight around the corners. The effortless layering and the natural wrinkles will give the right amount of that “lived in” vibe to make your space super warm and inviting. Place a rug on the floor if you have hardwood, so that your feet won’t touch the cold ground in the morning. Try to stick to layering different textures of one color to keep the space from looking cluttered, and keep the wall decor to a minimum to keep your mind clutter-free. Hang up a macrame wall hanging and add a few potted plants to finish off the look. Remember: LESS IS MORE!

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