#theULTADiaries: The True Meaning of Retail Therapy + a Handful of Tinted Lip Glosses That Rocked My World

I remember being in a particularly strong “I hate the world” mood when I ventured out a solo trip to Ulta recently. It was supposed to be a quick stop to grab a concealer. I wound up staying for hours, wandering the aisles aimlessly, with no agenda. I took my time. I pressed different creams and serums and exfoliants into the back of my hand. I wanted to touch all of the pastel-colored glass bottles and jars, and test out the shimmery contents to see how the light reflected off the back of my hand. I layered fragrances on my wrists to create hybrids from ones I already know and love. I read labels to see if the product was as “green” as claimed, and swatched shades of red lipsticks on my forearm to observe the subtle color variants. I loved soaking everything in. Once in a while, I would rummage around my bottomless purse for my phone to snap pictures of a new fragrance or a lipstick to research later. I loved to fill up my cart as if I was a girl from Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” music video. When I was finished leisurely strolling from one side of the store to the other, I always put the products back on the shelf and walked out empty-handed. I was guilt-free, not one penny lost from my checking account (apart from the concealer I had originally gone in for). It truly put the “therapy” in retail therapy. It was fun.  I love shopping alone. My friends weren’t trying to rush me with their impatience for the next thing on their agenda and I didn’t make plans for the evening to leave me feeling pressed for time. The process of filling my shopping cart without the stress of my financial limitations is reflective and relaxing. My cart would fill up, and the weight grew as I continued to push what felt like the weight of materialism itself in my cart. It’s oddly thrilling to carefully pick through the contents of a department store in a meticulous fashion to only put everything back to their respective place at the end. Walking out of the store as empty-handed as I was upon arrival, as if I abandoned the fruits of my labor on the hottest day of the summer, nestled in a basket under the apple tree that I spent the whole sweltering afternoon as I climbed and picked only the ripest fruit. When I walked across the parking lot back to my car, I felt lighter and washed clean from the guilt. The experience was nothing short of cathartic. This is the true meaning of retail therapy. 

As I wandered aimlessly around the store during this particular afternoon of being stuck in a feeling of irrational hatred with the outside world, it was memorable because a lot more caught my eye than usual. I’m a tinted lipgloss junkie and this self-proclamation is still putting it lightly. It’s a complicated ranking system in my head, but I’m intrigued by something that I already religiously collect like a 90s kid would with beanie babies or pokemon cards, you better believe that these are worth trying out for yourself. I was unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised at how impressive these particular tinted glosses were enough to where I feel obligated to share with the public. I will always be that person where if I discover something remarkable or extraordinary, I’ll be the first to share my joy with the rest of the world because I ultimately want people to be as happy with a product as I am. It gives me great joy to assure you all that these glosses are nothing short of phenomenal. The work has been done for you, so without further adieu, enjoy. 

Image result for lipstick queen sailor blue

Lipstick Queen Tinted Lipstick in Hello Sailor, $25

Lipstick Queen’s lipsticks are all oddly colored (like this navy blue pictured above) and even though they look like your everyday matte lip balm, when applied, it reacts to your Ph and effortlessly transforms to the perfect, customized pinky hue with a super shiny finish. Hello Sailor in particular is a gorgeous wash of a blue tinged pink that made my heart flutter.

Image result for lime crime diet cherry

Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss in Diet Cherry, $18

I LOVE a solid, thick gloss with the right amount of tack to deliver that crazy 3D shine that won’t budge. The Wet Cherry Glosses by Lime Crime do just that. Diet Cherry is a beautiful tinted red gloss that’s sheer enough to apply ‘safely’ without a mirror, but it’s buildable and brights enough color to you lips, making it a great option for those that have commitment issues with red lipstick.

Image result for lime crime sweet cherry

Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss in Sweet Cherry, $18

Sweet Cherry leaves a subtle blue-toned pink that compliments any makeup look, making it a great go-to staple in your purse.

Nivea Blackberry Shine Lip Care, $3

Ok, this isn’t technically lipgloss, but it still deserves a nod of appreciation because when I used this for the first time, I immediate had to make a mental note in my head so that I would remember how good it was. An OG powerhouse now offers a handful of beautiful tinted lip balms. I immediately fell in love with the gentle tint of dark wine when I put “Blackberry” on. Leave it to Nivea to deliver a solid moisturizer through and through.

Frank Body Lip Tint in “Cherry Bomb”, $12

Smells divine, lasts forever on the lips and is infused with coffee bean extract. Caffeine stimulates blood flow to the lips to visibly plump, while it’s powerful antioxidant-rich properties fight free-radicals.

It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush 4-In-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain in Je Ne Sais Quoi, $20

Leave it to It Cosmetics to give us another reason why we are absolutely obsessed over every product they’ve created. The clear lipstick is translucent when looking at it, but upon application, it reacts to your personal Ph and transforms into the perfect shade of pink that is just as unique as you.

Lano Lips Tinted Balm in Rhubarb, $13.50

For the driest winter days, you won’t need to choose between hydration or lip color. This lanolin tinted balm gives you the best of both worlds.

Kopari Beauty Coconut Lip Glossy in “Sangria“, $13

A sheer, red-wine tinted lip gloss that’s 100% all natural and certified green. This deeply moisturizing coconut oil based gloss is eco-friendly and won’t break the bank.

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