Fall’s trending colors and the staples your wardrobe needs

Summer might be over, but the pastel trend certainly is not. The color wheel has shifted from punchy pinks, purples, yellows and unicorn blues, to muted neutral fall colors. Soft reds, tans, taupe, and light brown. Dusty lavender, periwinkle, grey-blue. Eggshell white, seafoam green, and soft pumpkin. Here are a few staples to update your Autumn wardrobe. Pair these colors with unexpected fabric combinations. Cozy linens, soft and snuggly fleece, and shiny silk worn together will have the perfect amount of contrast to lift your spirits on those cold, grey days ahead.

  1. Topshop Ruched Satin Mini Slip Dress in “Blue” | $55
  2. Madewell Oversize Bubble Sleeve Sweatshirt in “Muted Blush” | $70
  3. Topshop Make an Impact Sweatshirt in “Coral” | $40
  4. Roll-cuff Linen Tee by J. Crew in “Subtle pink” | $45
  5. Ursula 2-Pack Hair Clips by Valet Studio | $45
  6. UNISOCK Unisex Sock in “Atlantic Green” by Los Angeles Apparel | $8
  7. Prada Block Heel Bootie in “Cognac” | $950
  8. Balenciaga Track Low Top Sneaker | $895
  9. Bianca 2-Pack Barrettes by Valet Studio | $76

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