5 Quick Self Care Tips Anyone Can Do

September 22, 2019 | Written by Roya Ansari

Sundays are for new beginnings, new mantras, cleansing your space and preparing for a fantastic week ahead. And in preparing for a great week, it’s important to unwind and shake off the previous one. Here is a cute illustration with 5 self-care ideas anyone can do, on a $0 budget.

illustration by @royasoartsy
  1. Take a bath. Drop in some fresh lavender or some rose petals, a bath bomb, your favorite essential oil or Epsom salts. As you’re drawing your bath, give your intentions or a specific mantra for the upcoming week to the running water. Materialize the energy you want to manifest into your bath, and then step in and soak your bones. I don’t suggest any electronics like the TV, or your phone, or headphones. Sit with your eyes closed and relish in the silence. Catch up on a book you’ve been meaning to read, or flip through a magazine. Bonus points if you light a candle, your palo Santo and keep a mug of your favorite herbal tea, as you melt the previous week away.
  2. Pick some fruit. Studies show that even spending 5 minutes outside can boost your serotonin production and lift your spirits. The natural color green has some real healing affects on your body + mind, and the fresh air and UV light will rejuvenate you. Getting outside even for a few minutes can refresh you and flip your mindset for the rest of the day because of the change of environments. Whether you’re foraging for berries or apples or figs this season, the delicious reward you get from picking fresh fruit will subconsciously instill a sense of purpose, and will make you feel great. The meditative practice of picking one berry at a time will quickly transition you into a calm groove, and just knowing that you’re eating something beautifully colorful and healthy that you foraged yourself is a small empowering reminder that you are always in control of your good health, and even the smallest steps towards that are a success to be celebrated.
  3. Reconnect with an old friend from your past you haven’t reached out to in a while, the idea of calling up a friend to catch up is way more daunting than actually doing it. I can guarantee that when the other person picks up, it won’t take long until you’ll be laughing like no time has passed.
  4. Bake something yummy. I like doing this at night when all of my Sunday ‘chores’ are finished. It’s my little treat to myself. Lately I’ve been getting really into making kettle corn and caramel corn.
  5. Get dolled up and take come cute selfies. The intention isn’t about posting it to your social media (however, we aren’t here to stop you if you’re feeling yourself!), its simply about feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself and taking a few photos just as an empowering way to celebrate it.

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