Extend Your Summer with these Perfumes

September is here, but you can still make those precious, sun-soaked feelings of summer last all year long.

The next time you walk into Nordstrom or Sephora, snag a sample (or better yet, treat yourself) to one or all of these dreamy perfumes that will help make the transition from summer to fall just a little bit easier on your soul.

digital illustration and article describing  the 5 top perfume picks that will help extend  the feeling of summer.

1. REPLICA “Beach Walk” eau de parfum by Maison Margela

The ultimate smell that will immediately bring you back to your favorite days spent at the beach with all of your favorite elements. Salty hair, tanned skin, collecting sea shells, the smell of the ocean, sandy bare feet and the faint smell of your coconut sunscreen lotion – encapsulating summer beautifully into a scent and packaged in the cutest glass bottle with linen details. This bottle is literally the definition of the term ‘endless summer’.

2. “Bondi Beach” eau de parfum by OUAI

I can confidently say that Bondi Beach became a quick cult favorite summer scent that climbed the ladder in record time, now posted up with some of the A-List Classics with no intentions of leaving any time soon. The world fell in love with the brand’s multi-award-winning Wave Spray not only for it’s obvious miraculous formula that creates effortless beauty texture to hair without salt to dry it out, but it took us a step further with it’s intoxicatingly beautiful scent, that we were thrilled to notice that it doubled as a hair perfume. The first launch of the once limited-edition perfume bottles with this scent sold out over night, and this summer we were delighted to see that OUAI decided to bring back the perfume *for good*. Whether the wave spray is enough of the scent for you or if you decide to treat yourself to a bottle of North Bondi, one spritz of this crisp fragrance is such a unique scent that really brings the alluring buzz and excitement of the city to a otherwise everyday scent that a beach bum would be drawn to.  This scent is a white musk with a floral-citrusy blend of italian lemon, rose de mai, magnolia, lily, blackberry, violet that is layered over a subtle base of cedar-wood, amber, patchouli, sandalwood.

3. “Orange Blossom” Cologne by Jo Malone

This perfume has been a popular favorite with the public and it’s been around for years. After 10 years of discovering the scent personally, Orange Blossom by Jo Malone is a scent I keep finding myself going back to, I just love it that much. Personally it’s a scent that is in my general top favorites, but is a fantastic fragrance that will induce nothing but those sweet summer memories you have of lying in a bed of wildflowers and catching up on your favorite leisurely reads. Key notes of this fragrance include clementine flower, white lilac and orriswood, that are hugged in a beautiful embrace of orange blossom and water lily. The gentle undertone of orris and balsamic vetiver make it a beautiful fragrance to wear solo, or layer with a brighter fragrance. Orange Blossom Cologne can most definitely be layered with the previous perfumes mentioned, and as a self-proclaimed fragrance mixologist expert, I can safely say that I don’t think I’ve made a bad pairing choice with this perfume.

4. “DAISY” eau de fresh by Marc Jacobs

A classic “flower garden” smell with notes of strawberry, violet leaves and jasmine. Think: fruity florals meets grown woman, and you have Daisy. I can promise you that with just a spritz of this gorgeous perfume, the je ne sais quoi vibe you will feel it dries down with a warm base of sandalwood will assure you that this is no teenage girl’s ‘first-purchase-perfume’.

5. REPLICA “Flower Market” eau de parfum by Maison Margela

Another scent by Maison Margela I’m obsessed with (who am I kidding, I can’t get enough of any of the REPLICA scents that they currently offer). The scent speaks for itself — it literally feels like you walked into a Parisian flower market, with hints of freshly cut stems and moist flower petals. The words “Crisp Petal Freshness” are written under the description on the perfume bottle and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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