Pink Wednesday: Back to School Edition

With September in full swing, as depressed as I am from the changing seasons, I am equally comforted by the idea of fresh school supplies. It’s been a while since graduating college, but my excitement behind the idea of new notebooks, pencils, pens, lunchboxes, backpacks or book bags, and any other office-related supplies like post-it notes, highlighters or markers (I love color coding my notes), different colored folders, dividers, binders, notecards, stickers… I mean, it’s truly a never ending love letter that I’ve been writing since childhood. The ritual goddess within me that honors the days of the Full Moon and New Moon has just as much respect for new beginnings, such as the new (school) year, New Years, the Winter Solstice, the first day of Spring… etc, etc.

We can’t press the “rewind” button to the beginning of summer, so embrace the new season with a positive mindset with these inspired ‘pink-spo‘ finds. May they woo you into an enigmatic daydream of new beginnings that September serves up every year. Treat yourself with a new notebook, or a cup of freshly sharpened pencils. I’m positive it will keep your saltiness at bay. And yes, all of the puns are intended with that saying. Here are some of my picks:

2020 Cabana Slim book cloth cover with gold foil
2020 Planner by Rifle Paper Co.
Pink Floral Weekly Desk Planner with Tear-Off Sheets
Calendar Desk Pad by Rifle Paper Co.
Rose Lined Tear-Off Notepad
Rose Lined Notepad by Rifle Paper Co.
Moxie Floral Book Cloth with Gold Foil
Moxie Journal by Rifle Paper Co.
Shanghai Garden with black ink
“Shanghai Garden” Writing Pen by Rifle Paper Co.
Graphic Tee “Yes Girl Yes” by Femfetti
Hustle Humble Two Sided Diner Mug by Femfetti

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