Roses Roses Roses

We had the peony craze where every girls’ dream wedding bouquet was a handful of pink peonies (we can thank Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl for that), to the fragrance itself (think; Jo Malone’s Red Roses au de parfum or the new Chlöe or Dolce – both have new scent launches that incorporate roses), to the balancing, soothing properties of rose water in your face mist, to the antioxidant-rich rose hip seed oil that’s proved to have strong effects than a topical vitamin C, to the it’s universal and multi-usage properties because it’s great with sensitive skin, to the aesthetic alone – I’m seeing rose prints and illustrations/graphics everywhere I turn it feels like, from cute line work on instagram or a tattoo, greeting cards, or graphics on tee’s and sweatshirts from Wildfox Couture and Spiritual Gangster.  Once (and quite recently) a trend now becoming a global phenomenon that’s quickly transformed into a *cult* favorite ingredient in… well, pretty much everything.

Skincare alone, there’s scrubs, clays, moisturizers, serums, facial sprays, hydrosols, rose quartz face rollers and rose quartz points for facial massage or pressure point work. There’s literally waterbottles with small pieces of rose quarts floating around in it’s own encasement, with the promise to bring the vibration of your drinking water to a higher frequency.

Roses. The ultimate ingredient in self care, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Pictured here are some top picks personally that I think are worth having.

a hydrating face mist with the soothing properties of roses, rose quartz and coconut water. spritz before moisturizing, to set makeup, or throughout the day to keep your skin’s moisture levels in check.
a product that’s currently in popular demand, lots of people have been mixing in rose hip seed oil into their moisturizers, foundation, or lathering it on a washed face before bed time. for some, it yields higher positive results than a topical vitamin C serum — rosehip seeds are rich in pro-vitamin A and essential fatty acids that target signs of aging, hyper-pigmentation/discoloration, while keeping your skin incredibly hydrated.
rose quartz facial tools for face massage, need i say more? recommended to massage face with for 10-15 minutes (bonus points if you do it with rosehip seed oil!), to drain the lymphatic system around your face, increase blood flow to inflamed areas and relieves stress by hitting some of those juicy pressure points.
aesthetic alone, we see rose petals, fresh or dried everywhere we look. Smooth this hair oil onto the ends of dry hair for that model-off-duty vibe, comb a pea sized amount through wet hair to keep the frizz down, or apply liberally onto your strands a few hours before showering as a mask. If you’re feeling it, hit the gym, sauna or hot yoga class to allow some time (and heat!) for the oils to really soak into your hair.
A beautiful @evanhealy clay mask that works wonders in drawing out impurities for those with sensitive skin. this brand alone is a trusted one I’ve used for years, because they the highest quality and organic ingredients for their skincare. you can pronounce every single word on the ingredients label! 

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